Why Dwelling on Imperfections is Hindering Recovery For Evansville Addicts

Why Dwelling on Imperfections is Hindering Recovery For Evansville Addicts
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Imperfections are a natural part of life say care takers at Drug Rehab Evansville. When we dwell on flaws, instead of accepting them and moving on, it hinders our ability to achieve our goals, including addiction recovery.

“There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” –Leonard Cohen.

Have you ever admired another person and thought how perfect their life must be? If you have, your assumption about their flawless life is likely incorrect. What looks perfect on the outside may not always be the picture of perfection on the inside. Regardless of this simple fact, humans constantly compare themselves to others. By doing so, however, we tend to highlight our own imperfections.

If, however, we take Leonard Cohen’s words to heart, and use our imperfections as an opportunity for growth, we can become better, happier, and healthier versions of ourselves. This is especially true for individuals who are struggling with addiction in Evansville.

Why Dwelling on Imperfects is Harmful

When you focus solely on the mistakes you may have made in life, you are casting aside all of the great things that make you who you are. Care takers at Drug Rehabilitation Evansville constantly remind their patients of that.  While it may seem like one imperfection cancels out all the positive aspects of your life, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. By focusing on your flaws, you are giving them power. When you give power to your imperfections, mistakes, or flaws, you are allowing them to define you.

When you feel so much shame about an imperfection that it is all you can focus on, you may not be able to concentrate on your overall wellbeing, including your addiction recovery.

How to Empower Yourself

If, instead of dwelling on your faults, you face them head on, accept their presence, and move on, you can begin to heal and focus on your recovery. Drug Rehab in Evansville wants addicts to remember that only you can decide how any given thing makes you feel. While society may pressure you to feel shame or stigma about your addiction, it is ultimately up to you to decide how to feel. If you choose to wallow in your imperfections, it will be detrimental to your overall wellbeing.

Therefore, it is important that you choose to accept your past mistakes, as well as any that may occur in the future. If, for example, you experience drug cravings, instead of feeling as though you’ve had a setback, use it as a learning experience. Take the time to practice your relaxation techniques or to call your mentor. Thus, instead of dwelling on the fact that the craving occurred, you took the opportunity to better yourself. Taking these proactive steps, instead of dwelling on your perceived shortcomings, can help you see the bigger picture and achieve your ultimate goal of long-term sobriety.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, please contact us today to be connected with a professional substance abuse treatment facility. These individuals can create customized programs to help you through your unique journey to recovery.

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