Outstanding Benefits Of Mobile Vet Clinics

Outstanding Benefits Of Mobile Vet Clinics
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An increasing number of pet parents are preferring the services of mobile vet clinics for regular checkups and procedures. ‘Vets on Wheels’ are a fantastic solution for pet parents whose pets are immobile and/or old, or are aggressive or are terrified of visiting vets.

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Mobile vet clinics can also be beneficial for a household with multiple pets, pet parents with very busy or irregular schedules, families having young kids at home and for those who don’t drive.

There are many advantages of your vet coming to you, including reduced stress for the pet, convenience and reduction of risk of contagious diseases.

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Let’s know more about how mobile vet clinics are advantageous.

Mobile vet clinics can be perfect for those whose pets are:

  • Elderly
  • Scared, shy or overactive
  • Aggressive
  • Large-sized or large breed dogs with mobility issues
  • It can also be beneficial for:
  • Senior citizens
  • Breeders who don’t wish to make very young animals encounter other patients

Why are Mobile Vet Clinics More Preferable than Static Clinics?

  • Several pets, particularly cats, go through extreme, unbearable stress when they are made to travel even a short distance. It’s not uncommon for a very stressed, scared dog or cat to vomit or lose control over bowel or bladder on car rides to and from the vet’s office.
  • With a mobile vet clinic, the travel of your pet is minimised to a short one down the driveway towards the mobile vet clinic.
  • When you visit a static vet clinic, you and your pet have to wait for the vet along with other patients which may be quite upsetting for both of you. Instead, when a mobile vet clinic brings your vet to you, you can wait in comfort of your own home and your pet is much more comfortable.
  • If you have several pets, your hassle of taking each pet separately to your vet is eliminated with a mobile vet clinic as all the pets are checked at the same time. This frees you from taking multiple appointments or trying to struggle with many pets to and from the vet’s office, and also inside the clinic.
  • Examining a pet in her own familiar environment is usually more helpful and fruitful than trying to diagnose a problem when the animal is under stress while she is in the vet’s office.
  • Elimination of visiting a vet in his office also saves your pet from the risk of catching diseases from other patients in the vet’s waiting room. This is extremely beneficial if your pet is very old, very young or has a weakened immune system.
  • Many pet parents who are experiencing the sorrow of the death of their beloved pet choose to have their pet euthanized at home, in the presence of family members.

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Are There Any Shortfalls of Mobile Vet Clinics?

Yes, there are a few and you should be prepared for them vis-à-vis the advantages.

Availability: Static vet clinics are more widespread than mobile ones and you will have to struggle a bit to find a mobile service near you. Besides, mobile health services are more provided to humans than pets. So, it’s quite hard for you to find a veterinary specialist aboard a mobile clinic.

Scheduling of Appointments: Because of journey, set-up time and other factors involved in mobile vet clinic, mobile vet clinics tend to get far fewer patients than their static counterparts. You may come across a situation where appointments are booked much in advance, and the available ones may not work for yours or your pet’s needs.

Still, benefits of mobile vet clinics are more than drawbacks. Visit Gordon Vet, a leading mobile vet clinic that helps on catching up fast with the needs of pets and pet parents in Australia. They provide state of the art medical facilities and expert vets.

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